NuSeis™ / NRU 1C Technology

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During the month of June, 2016, GTI in conjunction with Basin Geophysical acquired 3.5 m2 of 3D seismic data using GTI’s wholly owned technology, NuSeis™ / NRU 1C. GTI was very pleased with the partnership with Basin Geophysical on its first 3D program. The job was executed in less than 10 days with incredible data results. “GTI participated in every aspect of the job, from design to final data download. Knowing the future of my company could be tied to a purchase decision, I was extremely critical and cognizant of both the physical equipment and the support and competence of GTI representatives,” said Craig Walter, CEO and Owner of Basin Geophysical. With the positive outcome of this program, GTI and Basin are working together in pursuing other programs across Texas. The NRU 1C is smaller, lighter, more flexible and less labor intensive, giving Basin Geophysical an advantage when bidding future programs. “We were extremely happy in having Craig Walter as our first customer. We look forward to supporting him now and in the future,” said Richard Degner, President and CEO of GTI.

About Geophysical Technology Inc.

GTI’s commitment is to continually innovate and design, manufacture, sell, and support highly differentiated geophysical technology that enhances the operating efficiency, cost effectiveness, and technical capability for illuminating and monitoring the earth’s subsurface, thus improving the process of hydrocarbon or other resource extraction, or of substance sequestration. Learn More

About Basin Geophysical

Basin Geophysical LLC is a privately held, Texas based, land seismic data Acquisition Company, established in 1993, to serve the needs of smaller Texas Independent Oil Exploration Companies. This core mission continues, expanding only to offer these same services to Independents in adjacent states. Basin Geophysical’s goal is to collect Quality Seismic Data using technically superior equipment, with trained field hands, in a timely, safe, economical, and professional manner. Basin’s prospect oriented approach caters to the Independent’s need for pinpointed, high resolution 2D or 3D seismic programs, delivered to accommodate time sensitive leases. Visit Basin Geophysical Website