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Next Generation Seismic Technology

GTI’s NuSeis™ autonomous nodal seismic recording technology enables data acquisition of the highest quality, with unprecedented operating efficiency, and optimal HSE performance, manufactured to the highest quality standards, available for lease or purchase at low cost.

GTI’s commitment is to continually innovate and deliver highly differentiated geophysical technology that enhances seismic operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, and earth imaging quality for illuminating and monitoring the earth’s subsurface.

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NuSeis™ Value Proposition

  • Stealth deployment profile
  • Purpose Built for Automation
  • Operational Flexibility – quickly transformable for every environment
  • Stake-less & Survey-less “NuSite Navigation”
  • DGPS sub meter X,Y,Z node self-positioning
  • Lightweight & Low Power – 400 to 860 grams
  • Minimal Environmental Footprint – “Solution the soil” & insert, no digging
  • Decreased Opex – Less people, Less vehicles, Lower costs
  • High Quality – EarthGrip™ coupling yields better data, higher S/N ratio
  • Long Life Asset – Durable and Strong in the harshest environments
  • Leading Commercial terms – Lease, Purchase, VPA, Partnership

Featured Products

Comprehensive NuSeis™ Ecosystem

Software NuSuite

Software that delivers efficiency and safety in your seismic project execution.

NuSeis™ NRU 1C™

Autonomous nodal systems with continuous recording capability.


Fully integrated automation for deploying of 160 NuSeis™ Nodes between reloads.