Company Profile

GTI is a privately held Delaware C corporation owned by its employees and board members and by high net worth individuals, many of whom work in or have worked in senior executive positions with oil and gas or oil field service companies. GTI has no debt, has positive cash flow earnings since 2019, and GTI management intends to take the company public on NASDAQ in 2021.

GTI’s primary product today is the industry Leading Autonomous Nodal Seismic Recording Technology NuSeis. NuSeis is the lowest cost high quality nodal seismic technology in the market.

About Us

Our Mission

GTI’s Mission is to design, manufacture, sell, and support differentiated geophysical technology that enhances the operating efficiency, cost effectiveness, and technical capability for illuminating and monitoring the earth’s subsurface, thus improving the process of hydrocarbon discovery and extraction

Leadership & Excellence

Leadership & Excellence we highly value thought leadership and excellence in operating acumen in the applied geophysical technology space. Improving seismic data acquisition methodologies and efficiency is our first frontier. Nodal land seismic recording instrumentation NuSeis™ is our first product development area. GTI is committed to delivering ever improving next generation technology wrapped in a comprehensive and highly effective NuSeis™ Ecosystem that enables operators to deliver unprecedented efficiency, safety, and quality in seismic project execution.

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