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NuSeis™ / NRU 1C Technology Houston, TX; April 14, 2017: During the first quarter of 2017, Vantage Geophysical acquired its first 3D program in West Texas using GTI’s NuSeis™ NRU 1C autonomous seismic recording technology. The survey totaled 19.3 square miles of surface area in some of the toughest terrain found in the Rolling Plains region. “We could not have shot this job as quickly and efficiently as we did using any other nodal system,” stated Robert Beal, Owner and President of Vantage Geophysical. “Weight, ease of deployment and coupling consistency across all receiver locations were the driving factors in choosing NuSeis technology for my project. Additionally, we decided to use the NuSeis™ NRU 1C because of its ability to output the actual GPS-derived coordinates of the NRU’s deployed location, which was very important when deciding to perform a stakeless operation.”

“GTI was very pleased to be chosen by Vantage for this 3D project. Robert is embracing the NuSeis technology and is deploying it in innovative ways to provide highly cost effective, yet extraordinarily high quality, 3D seismic imaging. Robert is an earth imaging expert that truly understands the value of the improved signal to noise level achieved with NuSeis’ Earthgrip coupling, and high quality imaging resulting from a “grid deployment” 3D methodology. While the seismic industry is stocked with legacy gear, we are excited to see entrepreneurial companies like Vantage embracing new technologies that will positively enhance earth imaging, driving efficiency in hydrocarbon extraction, and a re-tooling in the geophysical contracting industry that is long overdue,” said Richard Degner, President and CEO of GTI.

About Geophysical Technology Inc.

Geophysical Technology Inc. manufactures and sells Next Generation Seismic Technology. GTI’s NuSeis™ autonomous seismic recording technology enables data acquisition of the highest quality, with unprecedented operating efficiency, and optimal HSE performance. GTI’s commitment is to continually innovate and design, manufacture, sell, and support highly differentiated geophysical technology that enhances the operating efficiency, cost effectiveness, and technical capability for illuminating and monitoring the earth’s subsurface, thus improving the process of hydrocarbon or other resource extraction, or of substance sequestration.


About Vantage Geophysical

Vantage Geophysical Inc. is a privately held, Texas based, Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing Company, established in July 2014 The company was built by seismic processors who understand that careful acquisition and processing is required to ensure quality results. Vantage Geophysical acquires environmentally friendly, high resolution 2D and 3D seismic data by custom designing surveys to ensure maximum resolution to resolve exploration targets and extract the most out of your data.