Geophysical Technology Inc has taken a new approach to high quality and robust sampling for Early Warning seismometers monitoring earthquakes, volcanology, and other associated hazards.  The EarthSeis monitor station is build off GTI’s commercial grade NuSeis 3C and 4C autonomous nodal recording devices.  These devises are available in various formfactors designed specifically for optimal ground coupling and peak operational performance.  The 3C NuSeis Monitor Station (NMS 3C) is based around a weatherproof packaged set of three orthogonal 2Hz geophones, recorded by a NuSeis 3C eCab providing 148 dB of dynamic range for each recorded channel.

The NuSeis NMS is packaged in a weatherproof IP-68 rated Nexan nodal assembly attached to a metal NMS stand that can be cemented into the ground for permanent installation, or gravel packed for semi-permanent installation or simple pressed into the ground or soil for a short duration hazard monitoring assignment.

The NuSeis NMS includes a solar panel to enable continuous duration recording and contains a reserve battery sufficient for 15 days of continuous use. There is 64 gB of data stored on board the station, sufficient for over one year of recording with a 20 ms sample rate.  Data is also real time transmitted from the station to an IOT gateway that enables data backhaul using cellular or any preferred communications network.

These stations can be permanently deployed in less than a day and can be rapid deployed for short duration in an hours’ time.  Units can be moved and re-deployed readily with little additional cost.

NuSeisTM Monitor Station Technical Specs


Seismic Data Channel Acquisition Channel
3C or 4C (includes microphone) @2ms sample interval, 25°C, 31.25 Hz

•  Maximum input signal: 1768 mVrms @0dB

•  Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0001% @31.25Hz

•  Instantaneous Dynamic Range: 127dB @2ms

•  System Dynamic Range: 148dB

•  Equivalent Input Noise:

•  1500 nV @0dB

•  400 nV @12dB

•  160 nV @24dB

•  Gain Accuracy: 0.25% unit to unit, and channel to channel

•  Input Impedance: 109k Ohm

•  Timing Accuracy: +/- 12.5µsec customizable at client request

ADC Resolution
24-bit Delta Sigma
Sample Interval
2ms, 4ms, 12ms, 20ms, 50ms, 100ms
Preamplifier Gain
Programmable 0dB to 42dB in 6dB steps
Low Cut Filter
Anti-alias Filter
•  206.5Hz @2ms, 413 Hz @lms

•  Linear Phase or Minimum Phase

Operating Temperature Range Instrument Test
-40° C to +75° C Internal Noise, Total Harmonic Distortion, Impulse Response
Operational Autonomy Sensor Test
• 360 Hours -w internal battery

• 24 Hours per day: 15 days

• Unlimited duration with Solar

•  Resistance

•  Impedance

•  Noise

Weight Sensors
5000 g •  Internal, Three Orthogonal Geophones

•  2 Hz or 4.5 Hz +/- 20%

•  22 V/m/s +/- 20%

•  Other geophones available upon request

5 cm dia. x 120 cm height (extendable)
Battery Memory & Comms
•  13.2Ah Li-Ion

•  Charge Temperature Range: 0° C ~ +45° C

•  Cycle Life: > 500 cycles to 80%

64 GB standard

BLE 5.1

Full GNSS enabled

IOT Gateway included with Wi-Fi and Cell

NuSeisTM Monitor Station Geophone