NuSeis is designed to be physically transformable into any desired Lexan formfactor to deliver peak operational performance, and the highest data quality in each and every seismic project.  We know that seismic programs can be logistically complex with unique project constraints, so encourage you to engage with GTI to design a NuSeis product that will optimize your success building off of you crew configuration, operational methodology, and in your specifics environment and conditions.

GTI has designed over a dozen NuSeis formfactors including 1-C, 2-C, 3-C, and soon to be released 4-C autonomous seismic NuSeis recorders with applications in an unlimited number of seismic earth imaging and seismic detection and monitoring methods.  Allow us to engineer for you a custom NuSeis formfactor this is ideal for your formfactors that can adapt to all the environments in the world, additionally if you prefer, we can design any kind of formfactor or Node that you need from analytics to prototypes, precision engineering to production, assembly to supply chain management, our team provides premier experience and complex technologies and efficiency that matters to your bottom line.