Product Description

Don’t take coupling for granted. Improve the fidelity and efficiency of your seismic program by securing your nodes and sensors intentionally to the ground with EarthGrip™ technology

Product Features

What NuSeis™ EarthGrip™ does in the field

  • Reaches more consolidated soil
  • Minimizes the disturbance to surrounding soil
  • Increases the contact surface area between the sensor and the earth
  • Flattens the coupling transfer function in the bandwidth of interest
  • Minimizes exposed physical profile to decrease noise

What it can do for your seismic data

  • Reduce soil related signal variability
  • Improve high frequency response
  • Provide sharper first breaks
  • Minimize static shifts and phase delays
  • Reduce background ambient noise levels


Download Brochure: Coupling-Brochure-web.pdf